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The Black Dog of Depression

In this short film from WHO writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone tells the story of overcoming the “black dog of depression”.

The Self Organising System (animation)

What are the characteristics of a complex self-organising system that make it creative?
What can we learn from this about human creativity, both individual and collaborative?

Knowledge and Knowing

This RSA film explores what it is to know, and the value of ignorance.

Any fool can find answers, people who can find new questions are the geniuses…

The Power of Networks (An Animation)

An animation on the power of networks.

Bellinger: What is Systems Thinking?

An amusing and informative video on systems thinking from Gene Bellinger!

Descartes: COGITO ERGO SUM ‘I think, therefore I am’

I am a thinking thing. But what if anything can I know for certain? I can’t rely on my senses. They sometimes mislead me. How can I be sure I’m not dreaming now?

The Gift (Love)

A short animation exploring the pain and joy of love.

Bellinger: Enabling a Better Tomorrow: A Systemic Perspective

A nice short video introducing systems thinking from one of the ‘elders’, Gene Bellinger.

The 5 Steps in Design Thinking

To be rewarded in design thinking you have to get your hands dirty early. A short cartoon that offers a five step approach to design thinking that can be really helpful as a route into dealing with complex problems.

The 11 Laws of Systems Thinking

11 handy laws for system thinkers, these act as useful prompts when considering social problems. Most problems have their antecedents in the unintended consequence of previous efforts for change. How do you avoid falling into the same old trap? Can you? Some advice from Senge, Kaplan and Wheatley amongst others.

Stone-Age Approach to Change

Are you really too busy to consider change? You may also like:   Perspectives of Guerre: If our particles have no identity, how can we? The Dark Side of Creativity Ed Schein- The Three Levels of Organisational Culture Lewin: A… Continue Reading →

Good Grief

Good Grief is a short stop motion animated documentary that explores the lessons we learn from dealing with grief and loss. Five real people share their true stories of losing something precious and what it has taught them about living…. Continue Reading →

Tips For Systems Thinkers

Sourced from pbs.twimg.com, (based on Habits of a Systems Thinker, from The Waters Foundation)    

Slave To The System

SOURCE AMANDA FROELICH. (Available at themindunleashed.org) In this sobering cartoon, the world of work in our society is addressed. With zero commentary, it is shown how people live day-to-day stuck in their formed habits and routines, using each other to accomplish tasks like mechanical… Continue Reading →

Wind: A Film On Systems Thinking

Introduced by John Atkinson. We often speak about the symbiotic nature of living systems, how a living thing is defined by its environment and in turn also defines that environment. This is illustrated beautifully in the award winning cartoon ‘Wind’…. Continue Reading →

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