ethics of leadership

The ethics of systems leadership

When you consult to a system who is your client? How do you know if you are doing the right thing? What constitutes doing good here and who decides? You cannot please everyone all the time. There is a difference between a reflexive action, changing the mood of a conversation through a comment or smile just because it feels to be going in an unhelpful way and a deliberate one such as considered reflection on events

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Myron Rogers – Reflections on A Simpler Way

A Simpler Way–a brief meditation on organizations as living systems. The book was born from our years long deepening exploration into the implications of living systems theory for social systems. If our organisations are not machines, but alive and subject to the same dynamics as all life, what would be possible? How would we understand what we are seeing and experiencing in institutional life? What would we do if we were working with the dynamics of life, rather than against them?

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Ed Catmull: Creativity Inc

The story of Pixar on the surface but really the learning journey of how a geek learned to lead one of the world’s most successfully creative businesses.

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Frankl: Man’s search for meaning

Viktor Frankl was an Auschwitz survivor. This harrowing tale shows how when almost everything else has been taken from you, nobody can take away your generosity- and the generous survive.

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Daniel Kahneman- Thinking, Fast and Slow

The work that spawned ‘Nudge’ and the study of heuristics, a way of looking at the patterns in our brains and how they can lead us into advantage and disadvantage.