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Elliot Jacques-Requisite Organization

Can hierarchies serve human and organisational goals? Why not explore how the design and development of organisations can release human potential.

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The Republic of Tea

Want to do a start up? Want to do it in a systemic way? Read the Tea leaves. Amazon say: […]

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Bohm: Wholeness and the Implicate Order

Bohm’s idea of an implicate order is phenomenally deep and the product of an outstanding physicist’s brain in consort with a deep level of personal awareness. A classic that will make you think.

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Gentle bridges

The dialogues involving the Dalai Lama and scholars of buddhist thought with Jeremy Hayward, Eleanor Rosch, Francisco Varela and other Western scientists are captured in the book ‘Gentle Bridges’.

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David Brooks: The Social Animal

This is the happiest story you will ever read. It s about two people who led wonderfully fulfilling, successful lives.
The odd thing was, they weren’t born geniuses. They had no extraordinary physical or mental gifts. Nobody would have picked them out at a young age and said they were destined for greatness.
How did they do it?