total place

Let us consider a ‘whole system’ intervention from the UK Government. Total Place was an attempt to improve the quality and efficiency of local pu...

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Inside Total Place


Fritjof has been one of the key influencers in encouraging a shift from a Cartesian view of the world that separates things into their constituent par...

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Exploring Capra

john atkinson

In 2014 John participated in The Unusual Suspects Festival, a unique event bringing people together in new connections and new settings across London ...

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John and The Unusual Suspects

systems thinking

Defining systems thinking is somewhat of an impossible task. There are arguably dozens of possible descriptions and definitions, often with wholly dif...

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Defining Systems Thinking

7 wastes

There is often confusion as to the term system thinking. For some it means improvement processes, maybe based in the Toyota Production System (TPS). F...

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Taiichi Ohno’s 7 Wastes