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From John Atkinson. I get repeatedly asked about the difference between working with the ecosystem (or human system) and working with formal organisat...

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Working with Systems

john atkinson the big five

From John Atkinson. Cause and effect analysis is quite hard. The connection between our actions and their impact can sometimes be quite obscure. Event...

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Playing with time

Understanding living systems can seem impossible. Working out how all the inter-dependencies and relationships work leads into a morass of aligned and...

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Introducing The Big Five.

The world in which we live and work feels increasingly complex. We use phones, branded by Apple but made by a huge variety of different companies base...

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Complexity (The Big Five).

In a world that is chaotic and complex how does anything ever get done? What is it that means that despite the disorder, our world is stable and on ma...

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Emergence (The Big Five).