Wendell Berry: Peace of Wild Things

In The Peace of Wild Things, Wendell confronts the reader with the universal fears of what may be, what may happen. The fear we have of the unknown. The power of doubt. He reminds us that the cost of being human is an imbalance of heart and soul; humanity confronted with the flaws of civilisation and modernism. But all is not lost.

On Melancholy

(By Emma Loftus) I recently watched Disney’s movie of the summer Inside Out. It’s a much talked about movie exploring the […]


Sometimes catalysts bring with them the potential to change mindset and soul that can bring about a whole new way of being, that bring new life, new focus, and new paths forwards into the future. A little bit of magic that when added into the mixture makes all the difference.

Understanding Focus

There’s a lot of focus on focus. It’s a core part of the work of psychologists and part of the heart of thinking about change in systems thinking. It forms part of positive psychology, Gestalt, coaching methodologies, and practices such as four orders and constellations, (to name but a few). But what do we mean and why does it matter?

Starfish Throwers

Real starfish throwers are those who have taken action in their communities, little everyday acts of kindness. Acts of kindness that reminds us that all of the world, everyone and everything deserves the love and care of being part of humanity. Small acts of kindness that started ripples of change in their communities. The start of everyday social movements.

Questioning Greatness

The world demands that our work and lives be great and meaningful yet gives no clues as to what that entails, other than leaving us with the somewhat humbling notion that we must somehow be great and change the world. Though whether that be for good or bad is left to our own imagination and consciences.

Uncommon Ground

The Photographer Dominick Tyler, is collating a glossary of terms used to describe the Great British Landscape. Along the way Tyler realised how much of our understanding of a thing, a concept, a place is dependent on the language we use. He realised that when we can’t connect through language, when we don’t have the ability to connect and share things, then we treat them differently as a result.