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There’s a lot of focus on focus. It’s a core part of the work of psychologists and part of the heart of thinking about change in systems thinking....

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Understanding Focus

starfish throwers

Real starfish throwers are those who have taken action in their communities, little everyday acts of kindness. Acts of kindness that reminds us that a...

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Starfish Throwers

questioning greatness

The world demands that our work and lives be great and meaningful yet gives no clues as to what that entails, other than leaving us with the somewhat ...

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Questioning Greatness

uncommon ground

The Photographer Dominick Tyler, is collating a glossary of terms used to describe the Great British Landscape. Along the way Tyler realised how much...

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Uncommon Ground

love letters to strangers

Hannah Brencher began sending 'love letters' to strangers in need in 2010, as a way of dealing with her own depression. She never anticipated the resp...

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Love Letters to Strangers

at the fishhouses

For me the parting words from Elizabeth Bishop in her 1955 poem At the Fishhouses, are a wonderfully allegorisation of the sea as a medium of knowing....

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At the Fishhouses