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Ed Schein- The Three Levels of Organisational Culture

For Ed Schein approaching change is all about culture. Understand a culture and you can understand how to work with the individuality and identity of that system. According to Schein there are three levels to organisational culture: The Artefacts, espoused values and shared tacit assumptions.

Chris Arygris- Double Loop Learning

In learning about their shared tacit assumptions or governing variables, systems then become able to understand the reasons that problems occur. This learning enables them to identify the things they need to change to overcome their problems.

Ed Schein’s Principles of Helping

By Emma Loftus Amazon.co.uk Widgets Process Consultation is a practice of intervention and change that is based on the simple principle that learning and change happens better in systems when rather than being told what to do, they are instead… Continue Reading →

Kurt Lewin’s Model Of Change

(By Emma Loftus) Kurt Lewin’s model of change is a widely used method of understanding and approaching change in living systems. According to Lewin successful change has to go through three stages: Unfreeze, cognitive restructuring and freeze (also known as… Continue Reading →

Tagore: The Stream of Life

Tagore’s work reflects his view that humanity creates its own segregation. He urged the understanding of cultural diversity, and believed strongly that we should all expand our own understanding of the world and thus ourselves through exploration and education- simply hearing and respecting the diversity of the world. And through seeking to see commonality and feel unity, rather than difference and opposition.

Drowning in Fate

By Emma Loftus. There’s something tantalisingly free in the path of a butterfly. An envied, yearned for path of freedom, that leads in any and all directions all at the same time. It’s a smile. A hope. A freedom to be, and go, and do with infinite possibility. The exact antithesis of the reality of many everyday lives.

What is Flow?

The concept of ‘flow’ was developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi . But the experience of ‘flow’ is nothing new. It’s existed since man first breathed. And we’ve all experienced it- that perfect moment of lostness and simple, pure existence. When the rest of the world ceases to exist. When our bodies and minds meld together. Just ‘being’.

Maturana’s Theory of Structural Determinism

Exploring Maturana’s abstract theory of structural determined change. Looking at how (and why) human systems react to the threat of change.

What Plato’s Cave Tells Us About Managing Change

The Allegory of The Cave features as part of Plato’s wider work The Republic. It suggests that in an ever changing world with an every changing reality we need to adapt our perception, learn and know in new ways.

Maturana- The Biology of Love

Maturana suggests that love is the fundamental core of human existence, that it is the engaging energy behind everything we do. He states that new beginnings should always be founded on love, because love is to be human. Love is… Continue Reading →

The Trolley Problem: Should You Kill The Fat Man?

From Emma Loftus In the now famous Trolley Problem thought experiment of 1967, Philippa Foot raised the question of human ethics and morality The experiment actually called The Problem of Abortion and the Doctrine of the Double Effect (1967), was devised as a way… Continue Reading →

Excellence Is Not An Act, But A Habit

The world is built on patterns of behaviour. Comfortable old habits worn as talismans and held as guiding hands. Some habits are essential to survival. They’ve developed as response to threat, or as mechanisms of doing that not only sustain… Continue Reading →

Bateson: An introduction

Gregory Bateson was one of the key thinkers in developing ways of seeing the world as a connected whole, challenging more traditional patterns of understanding that segregated the world into separate boxes.

Operation Cat Drop

By Emma Loftus The flying cats: a precautionary tale advocating for systems thinking Operation cat drop is a much beloved cautionary tale, used to illustrate interconnectivity and relationship, and highlight the value of systemic thinking. It’s a powerful, alleged true… Continue Reading →

Permaculture and Change

By Emma Loftus Actually it’s all in the title- creating a culture, a way of living and being that can be permanent. Or more simply, developing ways of existing that are sustainable, not only for humanity, but also sustainable as… Continue Reading →

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