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flying cats

By Emma Loftus The flying cats: a precautionary tale advocating for systems thinking Operation cat drop is a much beloved cautionary tale, used to ill...

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Operation Cat Drop


By Emma Loftus Actually it’s all in the title- creating a culture, a way of living and being that can be permanent. Or more simply, developing ways ...

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Permaculture and Change


(By Emma Loftus) Machiavelli, (The Prince), is often thought of as a ruthless and unscrupulous adviser, but look more closely and it's clear that he k...

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Machiavelli: Change Management

divided brain

(By Emma Loftus) McGilchrist argues that how we see the world depends on how we pay attention to it. We are biologically and habitually tuned into vie...

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McGilchrist: The Divided Brain

systems thinking

Defining systems thinking is somewhat of an impossible task. There are arguably dozens of possible descriptions and definitions, often with wholly dif...

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Defining Systems Thinking