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Perceiving is Believing

In this video from crashcourse, Hank Green asks: what does perception even mean? What’s the difference between seeing something and making sense of it? Offering some insight into the differences between sensing and perceiving.

A biological perspective of emergence (Video)

A short video exploring the properties of emergence in biology. Discussing how and why ‘irreducible’ or ‘unexpected’ properties arise out of a collection of more fundamental properties.

Small world networks, consciousness and nature

A video exploring small world networks in the human world and throughout nature.

Hidalgo: Relationships between individual and collective knowledge

In this video Cesar Hidalgo at MIT asks intriguing questions about how social and economic systems interact. He sees networks as holding the knowledge and know-how necessary to ‘crystallise’ information into the things we use every day. The capacity of a network to hold this sort of knowledge and know-how is thus for him directly linked to economic activity. It helps explain how economic growth is variable and differs from place to place. It says that a theory of economics that doesn’t take into account the social complexity of society and its networks is incomplete. This 20 minute address at the RSA is a rapid tour through Cesar’s work. It is expanded in more depth in his book ‘Why information grows’. If you are exploring how social networks relate to economic activity this is well worth a look.

The Black Dog of Depression

In this short film from WHO writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone tells the story of overcoming the “black dog of depression”.

The Self Organising System (animation)

What are the characteristics of a complex self-organising system that make it creative?
What can we learn from this about human creativity, both individual and collaborative?

Knowledge and Knowing

This RSA film explores what it is to know, and the value of ignorance.

Any fool can find answers, people who can find new questions are the geniuses…

On Melancholy

(By Emma Loftus) I recently watched Disney’s movie of the summer Inside Out. It’s a much talked about movie exploring the functions of the human brain and more specifically emotion.  Now, after almost two hours of elephants, trains and general loud… Continue Reading →

A video on Emergence

A video introducing emergence

The Power of Networks (An Animation)

An animation on the power of networks.

Live on ‘The Big Five’

John Atkinson introducing The Big Five during his session on Whole Systems Change with NHS Transformathon. (Available from The Edge)

John Atkinson on Whole Systems Change #NHSTform

Missed John Atkinson on NHS Transformathon ? Or want to watch again? Here it is…
Exploring how change really happens in human systems and why so many of the models, methods and mindsets we rely on don’t always deliver the results we are seeking. By considering how our current models have arisen and then comparing them with alternatives, John Atkinson and guests will identify opportunities to adapt our approaches. This will challenge traditional views on ‘top-down’ or ‘bottom-up’ change in order to allow us to think about how we can foster change across the whole system.

The Fractal Universe

Fractals (at the most basic description) are the repeating patterns upon patterns that are the building blocks of all existence and living systems. They are absolutely everywhere, and they are all connected.

Bellinger: What is Systems Thinking?

An amusing and informative video on systems thinking from Gene Bellinger!

Descartes: COGITO ERGO SUM ‘I think, therefore I am’

I am a thinking thing. But what if anything can I know for certain? I can’t rely on my senses. They sometimes mislead me. How can I be sure I’m not dreaming now?

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