What’s going on? Do you really know?

In programmes of change we explore how the places, the organisations, the systems we’re in, not only function and behave but also the ways in which they view themselves. What we are shown and what we lazily see isn’t necessarily what’s really happening. It can be a façade, a facet, a single perspective of reality.

This is a realm where feeling matters as much as fact, where culture is defined by biases of the heart and soul, as much as by action. Where behaviour and feelings are rooted in historical facts and fictions, where function is dependent on physical and emotional responses that have become routine. 

We, as human beings are exactly that, we’re human, fallible, complicated and deeply sensuously soulful. Everything we do is influenced by the ways in which we individually and collectively feel in our minds, hearts and souls. How we personally respond to the world around us is a unique blend of personal values, morals, our own stories and lives, and the place and space we’re in right now. Self matters.

It’s self that lives and feels. Self is where stories of trust, and networks of truth or lies begin. It’s self that absorbs the information of the world and decides what it means. It’s self that decides what yesterday was, what today is and what tomorrow may be. The here and now, today, can define our actions as much as yesterday’s truth or tomorrow’s hope.

However, we live and work in a world that’s a complicated mess. Where our lives tangle together with the equally messy, tangled lives of others. Where the boundaries of our existence blend together, murkily merged through delicately defined  spheres of work, friendships, ego, family and more.

In a world that often seems to knock us down as much as we fly. In a world where we’re often powerless, dictated to, removed from action in our lives, where our freedom to be and do is, it seems arbitrarily given or taken away. Where fate, and ‘the way it is’  can take over our souls. In a world of multiple demands, the essence of self isn’t so easy to hold onto let alone recognise, understand, define, feel, or value.

But it’s this essence of self that is the beginning of stories in our systems. How self feels and how that’s responded to is the heart, and the art of building the core of how a system operates, succeeds or indeed fails.

 So, in my work, I ask as much about what I’m being shown as what I’m not. I ask what’s the feelings behind the façade? The heart behind the portrayed facts? The self in that writing on the wall?

And then, together, should you choose to feel, we can begin to find out what’s really going on.