John Atkinson

John works with large organisations facing periods of major change. He’s done this with governments and global corporations. As such he has learned to be a realist whilst retaining a belief and enthusiasm for making something really brilliant happen in the world. With a quarter of a century of experience he’s always happy to share thinking and explore, recognising that it is in the relationships between people that things happen. Jealously guarding supposed IP doesn’t get you very far. John also knows that big change is disturbing, at times painful. You have to feel your way through such processes if you don’t want everything to come unstuck whilst at the same time holding your nerve. Being able to distinguish what  things are working and what doesn’t is an acquired art at the heart of making change really work.

We’d love to connect with you, particularly if you have a situation that you want to explore. Of course we’d love you to commission us. But you know what? We’re happy just to enquire together, to further everyone’s understanding of what is at the heart of the art of making change.

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