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heart of the art
At last the silent years of women (and men) having to accept that sexual harassment and physical invasion of our ...
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Naming Harassment

Human beings have been shaping their landscapes since forever, and now is no different. In our brilliance (and there is ...
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Bringing life to the Smart City

I’ve been harshly reminded in the past few days that change is, in fact, not a choice. That is, change ...
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Doing Change

Acceptance -The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered. -The process or fact of being received as adequate, ...
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A personal reflection  Over the years of my life, through the different lifetimes that I have lived, freedom to me ...
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The freedom of my lives

Steiner (1861-1925) was an Austrian philosopher, playwright and artist, now regarded as a great social thinker of his time.  Best ...
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The Philosophy of Freedom

By Emma Loftus Swimming to me has become many things. It's an escape, a reason, a passion, an obsession, a ...
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and so I swim

It's always an interesting question to wonder who am I?  I could give you a list of adjectives, that while ...
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Emma- About me
We as human beings have a need for control. It’s in our biology and it’s part of our survival. Maturana ...
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Controlling the waves
(By Emma Loftus) In programmes of change we explore how the places, the organisations, the systems we’re in, not only function ...
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What’s going on? Do you really know?

(By Emma Loftus)   I used to think of my body as nothing more than a machine. A series of ...
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Discovering my system

(By Emma Loftus) When we think about operating in systems, doing systems thinking, we seek to find and understand how ...
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The Butterfly Effect and The Doll Affair

systems thinking autism
It’s a sad fact that autism is still viewed as a disability. A disorder. That mis-wiring that characterises the neurobiological ...
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Systems Thinking: The Super Power of Autism

not my circus not my monkeys
There’s an old polish proverb ‘not my circus, not my monkeys’. At its roughest it is a way of saying, ...
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Not my circus, not my monkeys…

(By Emma Loftus) The writer Wendell Berry is best known for his poetry, but he is also an acclaimed writer ...
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Wendell Berry: Peace of Wild Things

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 19.03.32
(By Emma Loftus) I recently watched Disney's movie of the summer Inside Out. It's a much talked about movie exploring the ...
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On Melancholy

(By Emma Loftus) In chemical terms a catalyst is defined as a substance that increases, causes or modifies the rate ...
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(By Emma Loftus) There’s a lot of focus on focus. It’s a core part of the work of psychologists and ...
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Understanding Focus

starfish throwers
It sounds like something small boys do while mum is looking the other way, but actually it's something we all ...
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Starfish Throwers

questioning greatness
(By Emma Loftus) The world demands that our work and lives be great and meaningful yet gives no clues as ...
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Questioning Greatness

uncommon ground
(By Emma Loftus) The Photographer Dominick Tyler, is collating a glossary of terms used to describe the Great British Landscape. He ...
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Uncommon Ground

what's love got to do with it?
(By Emma Loftus) Never has love been so important. In the craziness of modern technology, where 3000 tweets flick across ...
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What’s love got to do with it?

love letters to strangers
Hannah Brencher began sending 'love letters' to strangers in need in 2010, as a way of dealing with her own ...
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Love Letters to Strangers

at the fishhouses
(By Emma Loftus) If you should dip your hand in,  your wrist would ache immediately,  your bones would begin to ...
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At the Fishhouses

be absurd
(By Emma Loftus) If at first an idea isn't absurd, then there's no hope for it- Einstein   There's much ...
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Be Absurd and Create the Future

defining meaningful
(By Emma Loftus) It’s the catch phrase of our times and a long over due one at that. But like ...
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Defining Meaningful

(By Emma Loftus) Transcendence is one of those ‘hot’ words that pops up with perfunctory regularity, tangled up with phrases ...
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Transcendence in Systems Thinking

(By Emma Loftus) Mindfulness is a complex, yet simple practice rooted in Buddhism. It is at the heart of the ...
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Mindful or Mindless?

(By Emma Loftus) Who or What will save us? Bion suggested that all groups have a subconscious emotional drive that ...
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Bion’s Basic Assumption Groups

(By Emma Loftus) The rather grand term ‘autopoiesis’ was created by Maturana and Varela. Now, we could be easily be ...
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Maturana and Varela: Autopoiesis (Living Systems)

argylls theories of action
According to Chris Argyris everyone and everywhere (systems) have an internal 'mental map'. These mental maps influence behaviour, thought and ...
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Arygris- Theories of Action

lewin force field analysis
By Emma Loftus No, it's not sci-fi. Force Field Analysis, sometimes called Field Theory, is a change tool developed by ...
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Lewin- Force Field Analysis

Ed Schein
By Emma Loftus For Ed Schein approaching change is all about culture. Understand a culture and you can understand how ...
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Ed Schein- The Three Levels of Organisational Culture

By Emma Loftus  Argyris explains that there are two types of learning; single-loop learning and double-loop learning. The type of ...
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Chris Arygris- Double Loop Learning

ed schiena principles of helping
By Emma Loftus Widgets Process Consultation is a practice of intervention and change that is based on the simple ...
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Ed Schein’s Principles of Helping

kurt lewin's model of change
(By Emma Loftus) Kurt Lewin's model of change is a widely used method of understanding and approaching change in living ...
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Kurt Lewin’s Model Of Change

systems thinking
(By Emma Loftus) Rabindranath Tagore ( 7 May 1861-7 Aug 1941) Rabindranath Tagore is a well known and influential Bengali poet ...
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Tagore: The Stream of Life

(By Emma Loftus) There’s something tantalisingly free in the path of a butterfly. An envied, yearned for path of freedom, ...
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Drowning in Fate

living systems
(By Emma Loftus) The concept of ‘flow' was developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi . But the experience of ‘flow’ is nothing new ...
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What is Flow?

structural determinism
(By Emma Loftus) Like much systems theory, structural determinism is an abstract concept that is actually remarkably simple. Structural determinism ...
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Maturana’s Theory of Structural Determinism

(By Emma Loftus) A couple of thousand years ago, in a world much different to ours, yet dramatically similar, the ...
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What Plato’s Cave Tells Us About Managing Change

Maturana suggests that love is the fundamental core of human existence, that it is the engaging energy behind everything we ...
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Maturana- The Biology of Love

the trolley problem
From Emma Loftus In the now famous Trolley Problem thought experiment of 1967, Philippa Foot raised the question of human ethics and ...
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The Trolley Problem: Should You Kill The Fat Man?

The world is built on patterns of behaviour. Comfortable old habits worn as talismans and held as guiding hands. Some ...
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Excellence Is Not An Act, But A Habit

By Emma Loftus Bateson was a systems thinker who thought about many things. He was interested in mathematics, cybernetics, psychology ...
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Bateson: An introduction

flying cats
By Emma Loftus The flying cats: a precautionary tale advocating for systems thinking Operation cat drop is a much beloved ...
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Operation Cat Drop

By Emma Loftus Actually it’s all in the title- creating a culture, a way of living and being that can ...
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Permaculture and Change

(By Emma Loftus) Machiavelli, (The Prince), is often thought of as a ruthless and unscrupulous adviser, but look more closely ...
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Machiavelli: Change Management

divided brain
(By Emma Loftus) McGilchrist argues that how we see the world depends on how we pay attention to it. We ...
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McGilchrist: The Divided Brain

systems thinking
By Emma Loftus The term systems thinking has become somewhat synonymous with change and leadership, and as such it’s one ...
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Defining Systems Thinking