A beautiful example of murmuration from @NatGeo. Amazing .Must Watch. What are the rules governing their behaviour? What can we learn about change? ...

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Flight of the Starlings

john atkinson the big five

From John Atkinson. Cause and effect analysis is quite hard. The connection between our actions and their impact can sometimes be quite obscure. Event...

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Playing with time

family systems theory

A family systems approach argues that in order to understand a family system we must look at the family as a whole. Two families living across the str...

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Family Systems Theory

system of systems

With the emergence of the internet in the mid-90's, the world became one global commons. In the past, we could understand that there was some mysterio...

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System of systems


Intention is not a simple intrinsic property of human agents. Instead, it is often—perhaps always—co-created as a result of interactions with othe...

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Seel: The Nature of Emergence