John Atkinson on Complexity in Systems

Here, in the video and transcript) below, John Atkinson in conversation with Stacey Hale at Design4Emergence, discusses Complexity in Systems. Answering questions such as: Any advice on keeping work in a complex ecosystem within manageable boundaries? True or false: “There are no best practices.” How do you put people at ease in a world obsessed with big data? You’re not saying to abandon strategy? Are you talking about designing an attractor? What do you say to a brand new consultant who wants to apply the Big Five of living systems to an organizational problem to create change? How much does it matter that people know that you’re pulling from the principles of biological systems to design organizational change?

complex or complicated

Complex or Complicated?

By John Atkinson I’m not usually a stickler for language. I like to find a way of getting things across that […]

navigating complexity

Navigating Complexity- Eye For A Route

To the novice climber finding a way through the chaotic tumble of buttresses and gullies seems impossible. The lines seem hard to pick from a distance and just disappear once you are amongst the rocks and the heather. Each turn becomes fraught with danger, or at best might expend precious energy and soak up morale. The shoulder of a mountain can be no place for the inexperienced.

the nature of scale

The Nature of Scale

By John Atkinson I’m writing on the plane back home to the UK from China. Flying west across seven time […]