and so I swim

Swimming to me has become many things. It’s an escape, a reason, a passion, an obsession, a fury. And on days like today swimming gives me space and quiet amidst the noise and chaos of my life. An opportunity to feel nothing but myself, my being.

irreducible uncertainty

Irreducible Uncertainty

Sometimes we think we’ve got it cracked, finally found the answer, discovered the insight, the key that unlocks everything. In such moments we might be reminded of the words of Donella (Dana) Meadows. Myron Rogers did that for me with this quote from Dana where we are faced with the reality of ‘irreducible uncertainty’.

systems thinking

Tagore: The Stream of Life

Tagore’s work reflects his view that humanity creates its own segregation. He urged the understanding of cultural diversity, and believed strongly that we should all expand our own understanding of the world and thus ourselves through exploration and education- simply hearing and respecting the diversity of the world. And through seeking to see commonality and feel unity, rather than difference and opposition.


Wind: A Film On Systems Thinking

Introduced by John Atkinson. We often speak about the symbiotic nature of living systems, how a living thing is defined […]



The now much forgotten film Mindwalk, was produced in 1991. At the time it was a widely acclaimed film noted for […]


Hongi-The Oneness Of Everything

The oneness of everything. The whole. Interconnectivity. Or as Bateson said: the pattern that joins. Oneness and relationship is a […]