Myron’s Maxims

Sometimes working with living systems and complexity can seem overwhelming. Complex theories combine with a huge inter-related web of relationships, people and activities.

Myron’s maxims provide a simple way of working with a living system. I used them in the design of Total Place. Why not give them a go?

  • People own what they create - at the heart of co-creation.
  • Real change takes place in real work - nothing has really changed if we aren’t doing the real work differently.
  • The people who do the work do the change - so you need to involve the do-ers in the change process.
  • Start anywhere but follow it everywhere - you know where you want to begin, get on with it but follow wherever it leads.
  • Keep connecting the system to more of itself - to release the collective intelligence you have to be connected, none of us is as smart as all of us.